Graphic Design

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Graphic Design. It is a well renowned and respectable profession. There is a great value of a graphic designer not only in our country but also across the whole world. To be an expert designer one has to have a heart of creativity and excellence. To create a good design one needs to know some grammar of art as well.

Graphic Design is one of the main departments of Creative IT Institute. Many individuals want to be included in graphic design profession. For this we are always into updating the course module.

We have more than fifteen expert trainers to provide the perfect guideline in purpose of making our students the professional designers. They are not only just the expert trainers but also the skilled freelancers in various international marketplaces. They share all their remarkable stories of freelancing with their students. Following the path of those leaders the students of Creative IT have become the skilled freelancers and outsourcers. They turned out successful entrepreneurs creating employment opportunities for others. To enrich your career Creative E –School brings you the professional online course of Graphic Design through which you can be an expert graphic designer and freelancer.


  • 01. PowerPoint
  • 02. Adobe Photoshop
  • 03. Adobe Illustrator
  • 04. Adobe InDesign


  • 01. Freelancer
  • 02. Fiverr
  • 03. Graphic River
  • 04. Codegrape
  • 05. Upwork


  • 01. Color Theory
  • 02. Presentation Skill
  • 03. PowerPoint Slideshow
  • 04. Photo Editing
  • 05. Digital Painting
  • 06. Vector Drawing
  • 07. Ad Analysis
  • 08. Ad making and Design
  • 09. Business Card
  • 10. Facebook Cover
  • 11. Web Banner
  • 12. Flyer
  • 13. Logo
  • 14. T-Shirt
  • 15. Brochure
  • 16. Calendar
  • 17. Letterhead
  • 18. ID card
  • 19. Packet Design

Course Fee

18,000 BDT

Things you need to know?

  • 01. Basic Computer skills
  • 02. Basic English reading and writing
  • 02. Internet browsing

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