Institutional policy (applicable for students)

By signing the given form, a student is pledging that he/she will be able to abide by all the mentioned rules. In case of any kind of immoral act, irregularity, or violation of rules and regulations, any decision of the authority including cancellation of admission of the student will be final. Otherwise, the necessary legal action will be taken. Rules regarding the admission process:
  • shapeThe documents that a student must submit at the time of admission:-
    -Passport sized photograph(1 copy)
    -Any photocopy of NID/Passport/Birth Certificate
    -1 photocopy of latest educational certificate / testimonial / mark sheet
  • shapeIf a student wants to cancel a course, he/she will not get any refund for the canceled course fee as per the rules, but he/she can change any other course in exchange for the prescribed fee deposited.
  • shapeFor the convenience of the students, we take course fees in certain installments. If a student fails to pay the installment on the due date 3 times in a row, the admission will be canceled.

Academic rules:

  • shapeThe correct and active mobile number should be clearly mentioned in the admission form to communicate with the students and parents. The accurate present and permanent address should be given. If any evidence of falsification is found, the admission will be canceled immediately.
  • shapeThe class attendance rate of every student must be 100%.
  • shapeDuring the course, videos of certain classes will be provided as per the decision of the teachers and the authority.
  • shapeClass teachers may be changed for any valid reason. In this regard no objection from the students is acceptable.
  • shapeA maximum of 4 classes will be backed up (the validity of the backup class is 2 months after the end of the course).
  • shapeCourses can be changed up to a maximum of 4 classes after the class starts.
  • shapeTo change any course Taka 2000/- must be paid.
  • shapeIt is only possible to change the existing batch as long as the seat is available in the required batch.
  • shapeTo change the current batch Taka 1000/- must be paid.
  • shapeA student can change his/her batch and course only once.
  • shapeThe first condition for suspending the course is to apply by paying the full course fee.
  • shapeSuspension of any course will be valid for a maximum of 2 months.
  • shapeAfter the suspension of the course, to start the class again, one has to pay Taka 1000/- for the batch exchange fee.
  • shapeIf any student remains absent in 5 classes in a row without permission, then his/her admission will be cancelled.

Communication and legal policies:

  • shapeStudents will keep in touch on social media web sites while maintaining their self-respect and will be active in the Facebook group of certain batches and submit their classwork.
  • shapeEach student's behavior is carefully monitored during the course. If a student violates the academic rules and regulations, Creative IT authority will take necessary legal action against that student.
  • shapeAdmission will be cancelled if any engagement in any misconduct or undisciplined activity is found.